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Real Monsters
The ones that are your heart and soul
   seem to tear it away, not caring for your feelings
           smiles that are so fake you choke
                 on the lies of friendship and trust that they promise to us
                        these words that we all fallen for one day
                               bite and snap grabbing all will and innocence
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Truth of my love
Your smile and kiss what keeps me going
     this love that I can't seem to run from
latching onto these thoughts that I claimed
     soothing my feelings and rounding out the edges
that reach out holding hate deep in there claws
     if again I had to choose to love or live
sadly I would release you and be my own
     forgetting the feelings I held of you so deeply
my choice is clear and down with
     already my chance has left me with you
the ring and objects you hold dear to your heart
     gone along with the feeling that you would have felt
tears shed for the thought of that choice
     but I still would leave and be my own
I must be clear with the words that I say
     all the things I say is for you to feel and know
do not think I love you not all these years
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Malicious Society
     Society the beast that seems to dictate what is right or wrong,
Does it really matter what we say or do in the cruel world we live in
     For we are to be judged by others who don't know what we are, only what we look like and act like
I will not give in to this beast that tells the world what is to done and how we shall live
     I say forget Society, this devilish demon that has its claws into the mind of our youth
The words it whispers into your head convincing you that being cool is everything and you want to be seen
     Our time given into this beast is unimaginable to be seen
The fight will begin with us, the few who don't believe the world that is seen is the only one we can live in
     Refusal to the world around us and its fashionest who tell us what to wear
Refuse the words of those who don't know you and tell you what to wear and do
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Meaning: Justice
Justice the word we think so highly of,
What does it mean?
Death to the accused,
A man behind bars,
Money that is rightfully theirs,
All these things come to mind when I say Justice,
Are those the meanings?
Justice can be just a fragment of our imagination as human beings.
But how many times do we get to say that we murdered in the name of Justice?
All the lives we have took,
With false accusations in the name of
So what does this word mean?
Peace or Death?
:iconkagurasohma111:KaguraSohma111 1 0
Zombie attack by KaguraSohma111 Zombie attack :iconkagurasohma111:KaguraSohma111 5 2
Tyler dropped to the ground his hand clutching at the spear sticking out of his chest, "How?"  The lights started to dim around him but he could still see his sister and best friend, Lilah and Rez, fighting their way towards him.  Lilah made her way to him; she sat quickly positioning herself so his head was resting in her lap.  Lilah cried, "Please don't leave me Ty, I can't live alone with Rez."  Rez sliced his blade through the last demon that was attacking them, before running over to Lilah and Tyler.  Looking down at Tyler his eyes welled with tears, his best friend had a spear sticking out of his chest.  Tyler's blond hair was stuck to his forehead and his blue eyes were barely shining.  He looked up at Rez and whispered, "Do me a favor will you Rez?"  Rez leaned down onto his knees leaning closer to Tyler, "What? What do you want me to do?"  Tyler smiled, "Bring me a new white shirt this on
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Claire 2
Claire closed her eyes and cringed as the moon moved higher in the sky, her bones shifted and her skin peeled.  The pain lasted only a few minutes then darkness came and a deep unnatural growl was heard around the Kingdom.
She woke up by the edge of a slow running creek; she lifted herself off the ground slowly, listening to all her bones groan in pain.  Claire bent over the running water, her reflection showed a girl with dark brown curly hair and light chocolate brown eyes.  Running a hand through her hair tiny flecks of ruby red blood slowly fluttered to the ground, letting out a deep sigh she shed off her clothes and walked into the slow moving creek.  Closing her eyes she once again had no memory of what happened last night, but why should she care it happens every night even though she wants it to stop.
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Abusive Love
It hurts the wounds you make,
but I love you.
You hit me and say what you think,
but I need you.
I want you to want me so I let you go,
the pain means you love me.
They say leave but I can't go,
you said that you will never leave.
So I stay and take another round,
because you love me.
:iconkagurasohma111:KaguraSohma111 1 0
What they see
     A mask is what we are to wear, an image of what they want to see, Fake and Unreal but so Believable.  
Its not you, it's not me, it is what they want to see and want us to be, painted on eyes and fake smiling faces a perfect body in all the right places.
Looking in these fake sparkling eyes you may want to cry, so you let a tear fall.
But oh there goes your mask and in its place an unfamiliar face, so sad and unhappy, who is it you might ask.
You it's the one that SOCIETY does not want.
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Lexi 1
     Lexi walked backed towards the house, the sound of screaming and breaking glass greeted her as she stepped inside the house.  A plate hit the wall beside her head and shattered into pieces; Lexi sighed and kept the door open as her father carried her mother outside.  Her mother held a pan in the air waving it any and all children.  Her screams penetrated everyone's head, "I'll get you all! You little mistakes!! All of you!"  She let the door close so her mother's voice was muffled; turning towards the kitchen she saw a mess of broken glass and pans.  Lowering her head she scooped up her youngest sister from behind the coat rack, whispering she assured the little one that everything is going to be ok.
     She started towards the stairs and three more siblings attached to her, clinging to her legs wiping their tears away.  Setting them down she smiled at each one and turned
:iconkagurasohma111:KaguraSohma111 2 0
Not real
~~I dont know what to put this under so gonna click at random~~
There is a pounding in my head and in my heart....WHY???
It hurts every time I think about it.....Should I stop???
Maybe its just I'm going insane.....How terrible???
If someone told you that you weren't real, how would you react?
  I would probably just shrug and say, "most likely"
Can you feel pain if your not real?
  I would say you could cause my heart hurts.
If someone told you to forget all your dreams, because they wont come true would you?
  I would most likely listen but later just forget the person who told me that and keep going on with my dreams.
~~I feel weird today as if I'm not real, so that's how I got this~~
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Love is....
As everyone says,"Love is beautiful."  But Love is having everything but yet nothing, does this make sense? No?  Well of course not Love is confusing but it can be so blunt and make you blind.  Love can be for everyone and for no one, making sense? Of course not.  Love is supposed to be about surprise, not a repeated pattern. Love is having someone who cares for you and you loving them back.  So give your heart out and fall in love easy but falling out? As if you will always love that first person but if you find someone new they will have the patched up and new heart.
:iconkagurasohma111:KaguraSohma111 1 5
Beautiful and Divine?
I say yes to beautiful but Divine,
Who says they help?
Angels of all kinds doesn't matter where they don't care,
So should I try?
I am I going to be like them, cold hearted and black winged,
Are those my angels?
:iconkagurasohma111:KaguraSohma111 1 0
End of the world?
Hold your breath because it's ending soon,
Don't try to stop it just let it go.
It's stopping and slowing,
The world is ending.
So hug your friend's goodbye,
And tell your family you love them.
The time has come and gone,
So what are to do?
Go back to work,
And wait for next year.
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A smile
is it true
Or do I fake it
an keep the emotions hidden
Why do I keep them inside
never saying always listening
Will I get a chance
to talk and say whats on My mind
Can i for once
take off this fake smile
:iconkagurasohma111:KaguraSohma111 3 0
Story of Hearts
Ok maybe I did steal some glances at the prince and spilled some wine on his fiancé, but I did not do anything bad. His eyes seem to be like a pool and all I wanted to do is stare at them until I got lost in them, would it be bad if I had this thought of the prince. They say that because of me the wedding will not go on, that I ruined their marriage.  I still not get why I get such a severe punishment, why can't I get a slap on the hand but sent away that was just not right.  If you don't understand what I'm talking about well I will tell you they sent me to the 20th century.  I know what you're thinking "what's wrong with the 20th century?"  Well let me tell you this to me this is the worst time on earth, why you might ask.  First I'm from a small village, all I know is about my little village and the royal family or what they were, and that the gown I am wearing is sooooo out dated.  Finally I found some clothes in a bi
:iconkagurasohma111:KaguraSohma111 2 0


itf pushing daisies au by monsternist itf pushing daisies au :iconmonsternist:monsternist 71 8 dipper pines in: ~RESEARCH~ by monsternist
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dipper pines in: ~RESEARCH~ :iconmonsternist:monsternist 140 23
Full List of Similar Games
EDIT: I updated the list, finally. I'm so sorry for being so lazy haha, I didn't add in anyone's suggestions for ages. For now, I just added the ones I was given the most information for. If you named a game but gave me no other information, I implore you to comment again with a link, synopsis and credit! Again, I'm sorry for the wait.
I got a few requests to include the list in a seperate journal entry, so here it is! I was also requested to include download links/info etc to the games. I'll do my best, but I haven't got time to search for all of them/play all of them, so if anyone could provide me with links, brief descriptions, or titles of new games, that would be fantastic!
For some of the games there will be a lack in information, usually either for a plot synopsis or for warnings regarding triggers, gore, violence etc. These will usually be caused by my not having played the game, so if you see one of the listed games lacking information, please feel free to provide it
:iconib-fanclub:Ib-Fanclub 739 318
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